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Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.
(Zhejiang Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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  • Message Content TIME:2010-07-25 01:12:54
    FilterTank i want to know whether you carry(FILTER TANK) in stock for sale.If you do so kindly email me with the sizes and the price ranges on that so that i will know the quantity to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment.Awaiting for your prompt reply.
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2010-07-16 23:10:36
    Please quote for a 3TPD/day FFB palm oil expeller + high pressure membrane filter press. Also, please let us know if you have the technology to separate palm olein & stearin.
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2010-07-06 08:14:39
    need 100 cu. ft filter press Auto plate shifter and PP gasketed plates with Hydralic closure ... Need quote soon and will Contact from my Shanghai office if price is interesting. plate and chamber type.

    will need shiping info to USA LA ca.
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2010-06-16 01:03:39
    Dear Mr/Madam
    we are an Iranian base supplier company that
    we work on Petroleum and oil industries you also can find our further information in ******
    i searched for DYNAMIC FILTER PRESS SYSTEM and i find
    your website and your products.
    we recivied an urgent request about DYNAMIC FILTER PRESS , WITH TEMPERATURE 250 F , PRESSURE 5000 psi , 1500 WATT
    it will be great for us if you quote us in this case and allow us to expand our mutual collaboration .
    Sales Departments Manager
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2010-06-01 17:39:11
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We, RoutiHerbal Ltd. (RHL) are a reputed Herbal Product Manufacturing company thrivingto adopt G.M.P. in our company trying to get some machineries for seedcleansing, oil extraction & purification. We are in major making herbaloil/extract from herbs/seeds that have medicinal & dietary values. In orderto maintain absolute purity as much possible, our method of crushing ofherbs/herbal seeds will be Cold Pressed. If you produce any such oil expellerplease mention that model and let us know whether that supports cold pressedextraction method or not. As we want to inform you that we want to keep thetemperature with in 50 degree Celsius or (Anticipated is 27 Degree Celsius.).If water based cooling mechanism is achievable in this regard. Most of ourseeds are either sesame or Black Cumin harvested from the plant called nigellasativa crushed and then oil as well as extracts being collected from it.So, we would be highly obliged whether you could let us know that yourmachineries can handle these scenarios like aspiration & shaking traybased/pneumatic seed cleanser with magnetic chamber system for eradicatingsmall metallic objects, hydraulic cold pressing extractor or screw basedexpeller (Controlled Cold Press), pressure based oil filter mechanism with allsteel storage tank. Please check ourattached picture titled
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

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