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Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.
(Zhejiang Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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  • Message Content TIME:2015-03-06 02:16:45
    Dear Sir

    now we are asked to treat a small capacity slurry with a mini machine,can you pls send me your machine instructions


    Administrator Reply :
    Hi,Direy,thank you

  • Message Content TIME:2015-02-14 12:14:33
    Dear Sirs

    We are looking for new filter press system for our copper concentrae dewatering system

    Can you pls send us emailed quotation as soon as possible as following requirements:

    1. full automatic controlled by PLC system

    2. filter plate size: 1500mmX1500mm

    3. filter plate no.: 100pcs

    4. membrane squeezing for cakes

    5. automatic drip tray system

    6. automatic filter cloth flushing system

    7. automatic cake transferring system

    Thank you,pls note our project will start to work very soon all the automatic membrane filter presses will be purchased at the half year of 2013.

    If you have further question,call us or drop us email anytime

    Yours sincerely

    Administrator Reply :
    Ok,thank you sir,we will call you as soon as possible

  • Message Content TIME:2014-11-27 13:43:56
    Dear Sirs:

     we want to buy a plate and frame filter press for edible oil producing,here are the requirements,pls check and feed back to us in three working days.

     mechanical plate/frame cooking oil filter press
    number of plate;30
    number of frame;30
    dimensions of plates and frames;920mmx920mm
    thickness of plates and frames;30mm upto 50mm
    made by;cast iron
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2014-10-16 10:12:07
    Miningfilterpress we are using your 1500 series automatic membrane filter press for our concentrate dewatering,now we want to purchase full set standby membrane filter plates and filter press cloth,how about the delivery time ?
    Administrator Reply :
    Ok,we filed your filter press design documents and will reply to you soon,thank you for your support to Leo Filter Press.

  • Message Content TIME:2014-06-16 09:10:44

     can you offer a special lab using small size manual plate and frame filter press? we're gonna to start to work with it next month.

     just sent you an email hope to get your reply soon
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

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