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Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.
(Zhejiang Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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  • Message Content TIME:2011-06-16 11:30:54
    filterpressformaplesyrupfiltration looking to buy small maple syrup filter press in good working order. (probably 7 inch) would be interested to know what other items you need for our filter press sizing
    Administrator Reply :
    for this filter press purchasing,pls let us know further information for your capacity,we send a email to you,pls check ,thanks

  • Message Content TIME:2011-03-16 14:29:03
    oilfilterpress We need a very very small Plate and frame filter press to filer black engine oil along with fullers earth (180 g/L) and other additives in small quantities at normal temperature.Please quote with or (without more favourable) plunger pump and electric moter.The filter press should be of mild steel.
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2011-03-02 21:24:12
    wewanttobuyfilterpress we are interested in 1.- a filter press ( contact parts made of 304 or 316 ss ). about 480 square feet area, in at least 24 plates so that they are not very big ( we are assuming that each plate will receive liquid to filtrate from both sides ). stailess steel pump for moderate viscosities is desirable, for 40 gpm, to feed the filter. pressures up to 100 psi. 2.- a 2 effect evaporator, falling film, tube type, 304 or 316 ss . approximate effect sizes 650 sq. feet and 400 sq feet.  will contemplate also 1000 sq feet. would also like two tube type heat exchangers about 1000 square feet each. thermo compressors are desirable for moderate pressure steam. but they would have to be studied, since they are not flexible. 3.- a sugar centrifuge for final separation about 1000 kg solids per hour, ss 304 where extracted juice would be pumped back to evaporation. also quote the indicated equipment, to include a complete overhaul, with a time estimate for such overhaul.
    Administrator Reply :

    thanks for your enquiry for our filter presses,we have sent the filter press quotation with detailed design specifications to you

    if you need further information pls refer to our product catalogue or contact us directly

  • Message Content TIME:2010-10-28 09:35:54
    FilterPress olive oil plate filters 20x20cm and 40x40 cm with pump and the rest equipment, ready for use for olive oil extract companies.
    Administrator Reply :
    thank you sir,regarding to the sheet filter information we have sent you by email,pls check,thank you very much for your interest to Leo Filter Press

  • Message Content TIME:2010-07-27 11:14:30
    aircompressor I want to order some air compressors for our pneumatic pumps and filter presses and i want to know whether you have it in stock.I want you to email me back with the prices as well as the type of credit card you accept for payment. Thank you
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

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