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Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.
(Zhejiang Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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  • Message Content TIME:2017-02-23 14:59:01
    My name is Stuart Mendez-Ruiz, I am looking for a ceramic filter press system so easy and cheap.
    You have equipment that can provide me and at what price. Design feature of small filter press: This is it I want, Jack screw jack used as compression filter clamping device, you have simple structure, easy operation, no power, economical and practical features, Generally used to fliter the filter area of 1 ~ 40m ^ 2.
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2016-06-16 04:27:08
    hi, i would like to know the price for oil expeller and filter press, i am interested in buying 1 piece/pieces, please provide us with a quotation. thank you
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2015-10-16 14:25:13
    Hi , This is Salehin Kamal from Grand Entertainment Management. Our company has been in Bangladesh for years. Can you provide me with more information regarding the product? E.G. detailed product specifications, FOB price, your accepted payment methods. I would appreciate it if you can reply to me as soon as possible. Sincerely, Salehin Kamal
    Administrator Reply :
    Thanks,pls check your email.

  • Message Content TIME:2015-09-13 10:10:42
    we are trading company ,can you pls quote me the filter press descripted as following?

    Filter Press Specification
    # of Chambers: (RECESSED plate configuration)
    Filter Plate Size: 630mm x 630mm (24.80" x 24.80")
    Filter Capacity: 1000 litres or 2000 Liters
    Plate Stack Length: ?
    Max Pressure: 8 bar (117.60 psig)
    Feed Type : Center
    Total Filter Area: ?
    Filtrate Porting : 4 Ports
    Filter Plate Specification
    High performance molded polypropylene, recessed filter press plate, with
    pipped cloth drainage support surface. Designed for optimum filtrate discharge
    flows and resistance to specified operating temperature and pressure.
    Configuration: Recessed
    CakeThickness: 32 mm or 1.26 "
    PlateThickness: 57 mm or 2.24 "
    Web Thickness: 25 mm or 0.98 "
    Pressure: 8 Bar
    Size: 630mm
    Filtrate: Closed
    Area (x2):?
    Volume: ?
    Weight: ?
    Filter Cloth Specification
    One (1) complete set of style 82480 Polypropylene stitch cloth neck filter cloths with latexed edges. All
    cloths are precision manufactured by laser cutter. Cloths should be designed for easy attachment by pushing one half
    of the cloth through the feed hold of the plate and securing both sides by means of gromments and ties.
    Cake Cart Specification
    Cake cart sized for 630mm filter, 4 castors (2 locking), fork truck pick up points, tip discharge, 304 Stainless steel with Finished side.
    finish, sized to take cake from Plates ??? cu.ft. Capacity
    Administrator Reply :
    Pls check your email,we have sent you all the quotation docs ...Thank you
    Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.

  • Message Content TIME:2015-06-21 15:18:37
    Dear Sirs

    We are a Saudi Arabic oil factory,we want to buy some oil filter presses,pls contact

    Ahmad Asraf
    Administrator Reply :
    Dear Ahmad 

    Thank you,pls check your email 

    Hangzhou Leo Filter Press 

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