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Chamber Filter Press from Leo Filter Press,Filter Press Manufacturer from China Offer Different Types of Filter Press

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Leo company's product prototype.

Chamber Filter Press from Leo Filter Press,Filter Press Manufacturer from China Offer Different Types of Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press from Leo Filter Press,Filter Press Manufacturer from China Offer Different Types of Filter Press

Standard Filter Press Design Model,Chamber Filter Press Which Advanced Model from Plate and Frame Filter Press

chamber filter press can be devided into manual and automatic two kinds,manual operating chamber filter press is the same as the plate and frame filter press,the whole filter press set has filter press frame,closing system,filter plate and other filter press parts.Its closing method available are manual closing,mechnical closing and hydraulic closing,filtering functions also familar as plate and frame filter presses.The main difference between chamber filter press and plate & frame filter press is the filter plate,chamber filter press's chamber consisted by two filer plate which next to each other.Due to chamber filter press's structure characteristics,cake discharging just open its filter plates,more convience than plate and frame filter press,chamber filter press can have higher automatic design than plate and frame filter press.

Automatic chamber filter press has various kinds of design,but the most popular ones are horizental filter press frame+chamber filter plate+filter plate carrier which will move forward and backward to shift filter plates.For automatic working,from simple automatic functions to high degree fully automatic operation ,chamber filter press can be desined and installed related device to fulfile automatic operation according to user's requirements

chamber filter press works familar as plate and frame filter press,both of them are filter cake filtration,but difference is their chamber formation.Chamber Filter press's filtering chamber consists of two recessed chamber filter plate next to each other,which will bring us high working efficiency for filter cake discharging,all the filter cakes can be discharged by its own gravity,also its existing make membrane filter plate arrangement more convience.

the chamber filter press consists the following parts:

1. filtering parts

Chamber filter plate and filter cloth

2. filter press hydraulic system

by filter press hydraulic system,the hydraulic system will be manual hydraulic or automatic hydraulic

3. filter plate moving device

filter plate shifting is automatic cake discharging device,includes:mechanial driving,singnal sending and mechanical carrying out units

4. filter cloth washing device

After chamber filter press working for several cycles,there will be more and more remained cakes on filter cloth surface,some filter cloth slot was blocked by the solids and less water can pass by,higher adhere ability for filter cake and filter cloth, then hard to discharge filter cakes.Then all the filer cloth need to be washed to regain its filtering ability,washing water can wash away all the adhered solids and to get reborn filter cloth by washing

5. filter press frame

connected the upper metioned five filter press parts to be a filter press frame

6. hydraulic system

hydrualic movement can fulfile force and movement adjustment

7. automatic feeding system

automatic feeding,cake dewatering,cake washing etc.all the wastewater feeding,washing water supplying and filtrate collecting will be controlled by automatic valves and pumps

8. autoamtic electrical controlling system

to be controlled by a controlling cabinet,connect every filter press parts' sensor and working units,let them work according to programmed mechnial automatic operation.

Leo Filter Press Chamber Plate Filter Press(Chamber Filter Press)Design Information:

Chamber filter plate size: 400mm to 2000mm,special chamber filter plate for exporting only also available

Chamber volume:10L to 20000L

Chamber filter plate discharging: open discharging and closed discharging

Chamber filter press washing system: yes

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