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Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.
(Zhejiang Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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Clay Filter Press,Clay and Water Filtering Filter Press System from Leo Filter Press,Manufacturer from China

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Leo company's product prototype.

Clay Filter Press,Clay and Water Filtering Filter Press System from Leo Filter Press,Manufacturer from China

Leo Filter Press offers special designed clay filter press for various clay slurry filtering,the clay filter press will be various with the other filter press systems, all the filter press plate,filter press cloth and filter press frame design will be quite different and for less working intensity,Leo Filter Press offers full automatically design to the filter press system.Such as automatic filter plate washing system,automatic filter cloth washing system,automatic filtrate collect system,automatic filter cake dumping system.
Basic Leo Filter Press Clay Filter Press Instruction:
1.Heavy loading and high pressure endurable for Leo Filter Press clay filter press frame design
2.Special designed abrasive resistance heavy loading high pressure clay slurry feeding pump for the Leo Filter Press clay filter press operation
3.High pressure endurable filter press plate,long service time and fast filtrate outlet speed for Leo Filter Press clay filter press,no choking during clay filter press operation
4.High automatic controlling design for Leo Filter Press clay filter press
5.Special Leo Filter Press clay filter press system design,accept OEM orders for clay filter press
Clay Filter press user: How long can I get a booked clay filter press?

Leo Filter Press sales: Normally several weeks,you can get your booked clay filter press.

Clay Filter press user:Can I buy some clayfilter media for my filter press?

Leo Filter Press sales: yes,the filtermedia on the clay filter press will be filter press plates and filter press cloth,youcan place order according to your clay filter press plate quantity, and filterpress cloth,Leo Filter Press have special model for clay slurry filtering only.

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